Cheese Board (for 2 people)
Bottle of Malus Mama 2014

Cheese Board – Moluengo – Taleggio Vecchia – Comté Extra 24 months – Manchego Valdivieso D.O.P. – Shropshire – Kraftkar

Malus Mama 2014 Ice Cider, sweet from Astigarraga, Basque Country. It’s a cider because it comes from apples, but it’s true that it’s more similar to a sweet wine. It’s interesting to try it with the cheese selection because it helps to highlight the animal’s pasture in the aftertaste.

It can also be paired with foie, apple desserts, enjoyed on its own, or, for the more daring, with glazed tuna cheek.

Recommendations: Open the day before, or decant if we’re going to consume it all at once. Serve in a wide glass, at a temperature around 10°C. Although it’s true that the way you enjoy it most is how it will be best. Be careful with the cork. The opener must be inserted all the way down, it’s a very good but very long cork.


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