Paris Brest
Bottle of Quinta do Noval Silval 2003

Paris-Brest is a French-origin tart made from choux pastry and filled with hazelnut praline mousse. The name comes from a bicycle race between Paris and Brest in 1891, when a pastry chef decided to make a tart in the shape of a bicycle wheel.

How to store it?

Keep refrigerated between 3 and 5°C. It’s a delicate dessert, our recommendation is to consume it between the day of pickup and the following day.

Preparation mode

Remove and let stand at room temperature for 20 minutes before consuming.


Gluten, egg, and lactose.

Quinta Do Noval Silval Vintage Port 2003

Vintage-style port from one of the most renowned houses, aged 20 years. A very typical sweet red wine to be enjoyed with chocolates and blue cheeses.


It is very important to decant the wine, as it contains many sediments due to the style of wine it is. Decanting is simply separating the solid part from the liquid; if the bottle has been kept upright, the sediments will be at the bottom of the bottle. Let the wine pour into another container in backlight, and when we see that sediments start to fall, stop pouring. Another method is to use a wine sediment filter. Serve at 8-12 degrees.


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